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Who We Are

The dynamic Ularas duo of Paul (Programmer and Geek) and Sarah (Floral Designer and Redhead) began with a formula whoopsie in one of Sarah’s wedding planning Excel spreadsheets. Unable to remember how she wrote the formula in the first place and unable to repair the damage she’d wrought, Sarah contacted Paul in hopes that he would know what she’d meant to mean and fix it.

Like magic, within ten minutes, Paul repaired and returned the complex, hot mess to Sarah with one question… “What do you use this for?”

Paul, 17 year owner of Houston Computer Solutions, saw in his mind’s eye a beautiful software program that sparkled and twinkled where Sarah only saw hours of frustration in a spreadsheet she kept breaking. There began the conversation and four years later… vwala! Ularas was born.

Sarah, owner of RowanOak Events designs and executes hundreds of events a year and has used Ularas to plan each event, great and small, for three years. “I am not a sit at the computer for hours and days happily writing proposals kind of girl… I want to spend time with my clients and design their events, not type! I designed Ularas to save me hours per client at the computer (and to save me from myself with stupid mistakes!).”

Paul spends his days in his studio fending off cats and writing new modules to improve Ularas’s capabilities enough to take over the galaxy and solve all the world’s ills. “Pat Cat! Get off my keyboard!”


You should be! Floral Designers, Ularas will change your life, save you time, and make you money.

Customized 7 day trials are available by emailing the very affable and always friendly, Paul by way of our contact form. You can also ask him random trivia questions, he knows tons of otherwise useless information.

Sarah speaks Designer and a wee bit of farm Spanish and is always happy to answer questions about… well… absolutely everything Ularas! Use our contact form and ask for Sarah.

Need customer support?

Ularas clients have the cell phones of both Paul and Sarah and are always impressed by their awesome response time and lack of wretched hold music.