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Manage Contacts for your Weddings & Events

Ularas Software allows you to easily keep in touch with your potential and existing wedding / event clients. Also, use our software to contact and track interaction with your florist suppliers. Now you can spend more time concentrating on floral design!

Notes, Reminders

Keep detailed, dated notes on client correspondence. Create reminders specific to your client and their wedding or event.

Florist Wedding & Event Contact Management


While working with a wedding / event in Ularas, easily view emails from and to your client. Easily access emails between you and your florist suppliers.


Easily create Estimates / Proposals from florist-specific templates and submit them to your clients in a PDF format customized with your floral company logo, fonts, and colors.

Pricing Management

Simply enter a "target price" for your wedding or event while creating your estimate. Our software will notify you when your estimate total goes beyond the desired pricing.

Create Proposals / Estimates for Wedding Florist Design

Click To Send

Because Ularas ties floral client contacts, estimates, contracts, and production together, emailing a newly created estimate to a client is as easy as clicking a button.


Create contracts for your floral weddings and events with pre-defined opening letters and contract templates with a few clicks.

Create and email PDF contract documents in minutes.

Electronic Approval

Email a PDF of your wedding or event contract to your client and Ularas can include an "approval link." Your client simply clicks on the link and they are presented with YOUR Ularas Software page, branded with your logo, fonts, and colors. The client enters a code, reviews the contract and signs for the wedding / event electronically. Make faxing a thing of the past!

Contract your Wedding / Event with Ularas Software

Contract and Receipt History

Ularas keeps your original and most recent wedding / event contract revisions on file as well as tracking client payments.

Event Ordering

Ularas provides a full library of commonly used flowers, customizable to your specific needs.

Create orders for your florist vendor simply by selecting items and setting quantities. Email the order in PDF format to your supplier with the click of a button.

Event Specific Ordering

Order all "recipe" items necessary to your upcoming wedding or event (see Production below) from a single screen.

Order flowers your Wedding / Event with Ularas Software

Order Distribution

On receiving an order, distribute received items to your upcoming weddings & events for Production.


Complete wedding & event managment.

"Recipe" Management

Create each arrangement for your client's wedding or event in item-by-item detail. Simply select items from your floral library to include in the arrangment. Ularas provides a full library of commonly used flowers, customizable to your specific needs.

Wedding Production for Floral Design with Ularas Software


Review and order items necessary to complete your upcoming wedding / event designs.


On receiving ordered product / flowers, distribute the items efficiently to each arrangement needed to design the wedding / event.