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What Floral Designers Have To Say About Us



We have been using Ultras for approx 6 months now and it has just been wonderful!!! It has saved us so much time creating proposal and ordering. In addition, their customer service is outstanding! They are always available to answer questions and help with any logistic needs we have. I highly recommend Ularas and are so glad we found them!

Dripping Springs, Texas




My clients and planners are loving the way my proposals are looking! LOVE the software!

Denver, Colorado




I am so grateful to your program, Ularas. It has allowed me to really refine the way I present my proposals, plan my arrangement's recipes and purchase my flowers. I have noticed a tangible increase in my profit and a lower cost of goods. I no longer make mistakes and over buy product when I am juggling several events. But the most important improvement Ularas has made in my business is in Flourish's bottom line. I used to stress during my off season because my money reserves were not as full as they could have been. I have found, since I have been using Ularas, I have more money in the bank and less stress in my and my family's life. Thank you!

Sacramento, California




What did we do without you! It's our booking season and we've been kicking out proposals left and right! Thanks for creating a great product!

New York, New York




The more I get used to everything, the easier my life is becoming. Tears of joy.

My new employees think I'm crazy. They didn't get to see the "before Ularas days."

I want to give a shout out for the proposal approval process. I'm loving it. It's such a quick, easy, definitive way to get confirmation from your clients without all the back and forth. I love this function!

Cincinnati, Ohio




To say Ularas has changed my business life would be an understatement. Total game changer! The layouts are beautiful, the features are comprehensive and the time savings are unbelievable. I used to spend an hour or more on a wedding proposal and now my investment is under 10 minutes from start to finish. Unbelievable! This program will pay for itself in time savings for you and your design team with just two or three uses per month. You cannot afford NOT to be using Ularas!

Another, less expected, perk was the client experience. I've had several of my brides comment on how beautiful the proposals were and how it set my company apart from all of the other designers they were considering. Ularas will change how you do business!

Charlotte, North Carolina




By far the most helpful tool I've used. Thanks for the awesome product!

Seattle, Washington




Can I just tell you how much you are the S**T?!!! You and your business just keep getting cooler and making my life easier. Wow, this is FABULOUS!!! Thank you, thank you; a thousand rays of gratitude sunshine beaming down on you… :)

Beullton, California




...we love Ularas!! It's the best thing since sliced bread.

Springfield, Virginia




Ularas has changed the way I work! My proposals are fast and professional looking, my correspondence is organized and efficient. There has been a profound change in my cost of goods sold; Ularas has enabled me to order my flowers with great efficiency, and you see the cost of each and every arrangement as well as the overall cost to the wedding, so you don’t run over. It has also eliminated a lot of the errors I used to make in ordering flowers; my staff is thrilled. The software itself is very intuitive and easy to use. Paul is very responsive to questions and has incorporated many of my special needs into the upgrade; the software is constantly improving. I worry less and I make more money; how great is that! And I don’t yet use all the features, I know there is still more power coming my way.

New Orleans, Louisiana




Again, thank you for developing Ularas. It is truly wonderful!!! I'd be lost without it!

Miami, Florida




We are excited to be a part of this awesome experience! The Program is AMAZING and YOU are the BEST. I love Ularas!

Aberdeen, North Carolina




I can't say enough about my experience with Ularas. Event bidding has become SO much easier and more efficient and I can feel so much more confident in my pricing and margins. The company's customer service is second to none and they are committed to building the best system they can for wedding and event floral designers--I have seen so many of my requests and suggestions already incorporated. Going with Ularas was one of the best decisions I've made for my business!

Denver, Colorado




I really love everything about your program. I'm sending proposals and contracts to my brides, getting approvals, responding to my new client inquiries, and sending my wedding flower requirements to my wholesaler. It's wonderful.

Sudbury, Ontario