Feeling the Love!

This from a new user, Karen with Lily Greenthumbs! We built Ularas to save you time writing wedding proposals and make you look good while you do it! Testimonials like this literally get my eyes misty…

To say Ularas has changed my business life would be an understatement. Total game changer! The layouts are beautiful, the features are comprehensive and the time savings are unbelievable. I used to spend an hour or more on a wedding proposal and now my investment is under 10 minutes from start to finish. Unbelievable! This program will pay for itself in time savings for you and your design team with just two or three uses per month. You cannot afford NOT to be using Ularas!

Another, less expected, perk was the client experience. I’ve had several of my brides comment on how beautiful the proposals were and how it set my company apart from all of the other designers they were considering. Ularas will change how you do business!



Updates, updates, … and a few more updates.

Those of you who are clients know we’ve been applying updates lately:

Our proposal reporting is updated!

Generate reports on your events by status (using your custom-defined proposal status’) or by proposal / event date, inquiry date, and much, much more!

Check your main events / proposal screen and follow the red link to read more!



Newest Release!

Yes, we’ve migrated you all the new release. While the inevitable bug has shown up, we’ve managed to crush them without any difficulty.

Thanks for all of your feedback! Your suggestions always help us make Ularas better.

As always, we’re constantly updating and adding features. Existing floral designer clients can see our latest updates by clicking the “Latest Updates” link from your Events page.

Images in proposals!

We’ve recently implemented updates to our floral software!

Now you can add images to your proposals. Just scroll down to the “images” section that now appears while you are creating the proposal and you can add images that will appear in the pdf document generated by the software.

Images in Wedding / Event Proposals

Our floral designers have been asking us to add an image feature to their proposals.

We will have the new features in place shortly!  We wanted to make sure that images in your wedding / event proposals enhance your professionalism as a floral designer.

As a result, our release for the new version of the software has been delayed until later this week.

But we will have the feature in place and you can add pictures of your flower designs to your wedding proposals shortly!

Do Floral Designers Still Enjoy The Smell Of Flowers?

Why do flowers smell? It’s not for us, really. From this interesting article Smithsonian.com:

“Unsurprisingly, many flowers emit scents to aid reproduction. Some flowering plants are generalists and use their odors to entice a host of insects and birds to fertilize their flowers.”


Everyone enjoys the scent of flowers but we were wondering: Do floral designers still enjoy the scent of flowers after designing with them all day?

We asked a few designers. Here’s what they said:

“After 22 years as a floral designer, their fragrance still knocks me off my feet every day” -Sarah, California

“Absolutely! I love them even after designing all day. Their essence is good for the soul!” – Gen, California